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Cookbook - The Lavender Gourmet by Jennifer Vasich (Author)

Cookbook - The Lavender Gourmet by Jennifer Vasich (Author)


Lavender as a culinary herb? Absolutely! Chives, dill, and basil may be more familiar, but lavender has one advantage over all the other herbs standing in the spice rack: versatility. No baker would add chives to shortbread cookies...or dill to chocolate truffles...or basil to an orange chiffon cake. Yet lavender's delicate sweetness imparts a fresh, fragrant taste to those very same recipes -- and scores of others. And, when it comes to savory dishes, the multifaceted little purple flower infuses entrees, soups, breads, and appetizers with a mellow yet aromatic bouquet that complements the flavors that surround it. Now, you can experience the refreshing taste of lavender in beverages, salads, sandwiches, ice creams, chocolates, and so much more. The Lavender Gourmet contains more than 140 recipes that showcase this flavorful herb, and each one will have friends and family racing to the table to see what fabulous dish you've prepared next. The Lavender Gourmet also offers... ** A lay-flat binding -- no more fighting to keep the book open to the correct page ** Recipes in 12 different categories that have been tried and tested by cooks and bakers just like you ** Information on where to find culinary lavender buds ** Recipe variations for creating different versions of the same dish ** Tips, hints, and comments that help you get out of the kitchen faster ** Advice on growing, harvesting, and using lavender. A flavor that you'll cherish forever...sweet, aromatic, refreshing lavender.

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